Conclave 2017 Wrap Up

Connecticut DeMolay held our 87th annual Conclave this past weekend, July 7, 8, & 9. The weekend was a time for sports and competition as young men from through out the state and from other states participated in events like flag football, ultimate Frisbee, water polo and a number of individual events, all the while having a good time and sharing some brotherhood. Conclave is also a time for change, when the responsibilities of leadership are passed on to someone new. We'd like to congratulate Brother Zachary Aubin on a successful year as State Master Councilor and for hosting a successful Conclave, we wish you well in your future endeavors. 

We'd also like to congratulate our new State Master Councilor, Brother Evan Ruszczyk, and the rest of the state officers, this year is shaping up to be a good one and our state officers are going to work hard to make sure it is. We'd like to thank Sister Danielle Aubin, State Sweetheart, and the Sweetheart Court for giving Brother Evan an SMC survival kit, the gift is much appreciated and will be very useful in the coming year.  
We'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this weekend possible, there are too many names to list but know that your work does not go unnoticed. Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who joined us at any point through out the weekend we appreciate the support and hope to see you again next year!



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